Our Story

Kinematics was born out of a need to think outside the clinical square, in order to successfully treat a variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal malfunctions. Pep, a professional athlete turned biomechanist, used his knowledge, experience and passion to launch Kinematics Health + Performance.

Pep’s interest in body movement and structure was triggered by multiple sports related injuries and his vision was to bring leading edge biomechanical and physiotherapy services to Melbourne. Together with his wife Rachel, Kinematics quickly grew into a unique, genuine and progressive health care model.

This dynamic team treats across the board, from alleviating persisting pain, tension and discomfort, to enhancing performance and quality of life. A business born out of a need for better service, the Kinematics crew offer a one of a kind health experience where you come first.

The Team

Our team has extensive experience in progressive health care with a demonstrated ability
to meet the needs of elite athletes and the general public alike.

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