• Hands-on Holistic Osteopathy

    Osteopath Richmond

    Osteopath Richmond

    Osteopathy focuses on how the body works as a unit and how this links to the quality of its overall function. It is based on the principle that if any one aspect of the human body isn’t working properly, it will affect the rest.

    Whether you have a visceral condition such as irritable bowel syndrome, or a musculoskeletal issue such as low back pain, our osteopaths will always look at the body holistically to determine the primary source of dysfunction.  

    Osteopathy uses a predominantly hands-on approach to the musculoskeletal system to reduce any stressors on the body and improve overall structure, function and performance. Our osteopaths treats across all population groups, from toddlers right through to elderly, elite athletes and pre and post natal.

  • Treatment May Include:

  • sports physio treatment in Melbourne physiotherapy clinic
    Initial Consultation – 60 min

    An osteopathy assessment including a full body biomechanical analysis, appropriate treatment, and rehabilitation plan.

    Follow-up Consultation – 30-45 min

    A reassessment and treatment session to progress and ensure that your rehabilitation plan is on track.