Why clinical rehabilitation is crucial for your recovery.

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New Year, New Exercise Regime!

New Year, New Exercise Regime!

Well, what a year 2020 was.. Let’s say hello to a better, healthier 2021!

Locked-down in Victoria for 111 days, meant that many of us delved into new exercise and training regimes and even gave online ‘Zoom’ classes a red hot go! 

Over the last couple of months as gyms, Pilates and yoga studios have reopened, some of us have picked up from where we left off (amazing effort, pat yourselves on the back!!)… and some of us are still wondering where to invest our time and energy into training for the new year. 

At Kinematics, our doors are always open to help our community reach their health and well-being goals. If you are needing a little motivation to start 2021 by putting your right foot forward and investing in your health, we are here to help you by providing our 1:1 and 1:4 Clinical Exercise (previously known as Clinical Pilates) and gym-based Strength + Conditioning sessions.

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Clinical Exercise (Clinical Pilates) and Strength + Conditioning at Kinematics

To determine the right exercise program for you, firstly we assess movement (including functional and sporting specific biomechanics) of the whole body in order to identity areas of imbalance.  

Our 1:1 and 1:4 group sessions provide tailored exercises, to improve your biomechanics and progress you along the appropriate rehabilitation path to reach your health and fitness goals more safely and effectively. 

Initial Assessment 

Your initial appointment will involve a comprehensive history, full-body screening including a detailed assessment of your movement and loading patterns as well as discussion of your desired rehabilitation and performance goals. This enables our clinicians to establish a safe and specific exercise program that is tailored to your individual needs.

1:1 Sessions

Following your comprehensive initial assessment, your clinician will lead you through a series of individually tailored exercises to address your pain and movement deficiencies. This ensures you get the most out of your sessions. It is also an opportunity to introduce you to the equipment in our boutique Clinical Exercise + Pilates studio (K1) or gym-based rehabilitation facility (K2).

1:4 Group Classes

Once you have a good understanding of your exercises and are consistently improving, your clinician will progress you to begin group classes. Our Clinical Exercise classes are conducted by our physiotherapists and osteopaths. There is a maximum of 4 people in each class, to ensure optimal supervision and correct technique at all times. Each client will be continuing their personalised program established during their sessions with their clinician, which will be continually revised and progressed as you advance.


As with any form of exercise and rehabilitation, your program will be continually revised and progressed as you advance to ensure continued improvement. We understand that your goals may change as you begin to return to activities, which is why (every few months) we encourage our clients to book a 1:1 to revisit your goals and monitor progress.

Can I claim private health insurance?

All our 1:1 Clinical Exercise sessions are claimable with our practitioners if you have physiotherapy and/or osteopathy cover. 1:4 group classes are claimable when conducted by our physiotherapists. If you are intending to claim, we recommend checking with your private health insurer before booking your initial session, so you can select the appropriate practitioner.

Strength and Conditioning

Benefits of Clinical Exercise (Clinical Pilates) and Strength + Conditioning

  • Improved efficiency of functional and sport-specific biomechanics
  • Advances rehabilitation from injury
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Improved activation of the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles
  • Increased flexibility and muscular strength
  • Enhanced muscular control and co-ordination  

Is Clinical Exercise and Strength + Conditioning for me?

Anyone wanting to make improvements in their movement and performance would benefit from our Clinical Exercise or Strength + Conditioning sessions! 

At Kinematics, we have a diverse range of clients from elite athletes, triathletes, individuals rehabilitating post-surgery and even pre and postnatal clients. We have clients who are wanting to improve the way they feel when they go for their Sunday walk and when they play with their children, as well as those with concerns including persistent lower back pain, chronic ankle instability and headaches/migraines. 

Whatever your goals, our clinicians will guide and support you through your personalised program in the most beneficial setting, whether it be Pilates or gym-based; or a combination of both.

Wondering if this is what you need to start the new year right? Give us a call to discuss your health + rehabilitation goals now! 

By Pat Lynch

Physiotherapist + Pilates Instructor | Kinematics Health + Performance