Clinical Exercise

  • Improve Results with Exercise Rehabilitation

    Our one-on-one and group Clinical Exercise sessions (previously known as Clinical Pilates) involve tailored exercises to improve your biomechanics (how your body moves) and progress you along the appropriate rehabilitation path in order to reach your health and fitness goals more safely and effectively.

    Clinical Exercise sessions at Kinematics are administered by our physiotherapists and are rebateable with private health insurance.

    Step 1 – Assessment

    Your Clinical Exercise sessions at Kinematics will always start with an initial assessment with one of our Physiotherapists in order to get to know you and your body better. It involves a full-body screening and enables us to establish any areas of injury, imbalance or weakness to ensure you get the most out of your sessions. It is also an opportunity to introduce you to our light-filled Clinical Exercise + Pilates studio.

    Step 2 – Clinical Exercise 1:1

    Following your comprehensive initial assessment, your physiotherapist will lead you through a series of individually tailored exercises to address your pain and movement deficiencies. Your prescribed exercises will use elements drawn from Pilates, combined with functional strength and conditioning and other rehabilitation principles.

    Step 3 – Clinical Exercise Group Classes

    Once you have a good understanding of your exercises and are consistently improving, your physiotherapist will progress you on to begin group classes. Each group class has a maximum of 3-4 people to ensure optimal supervision and correct technique at all times. Each participant in the class will be doing their own individual program of exercises that have been tailored to their needs, goals and ability. Your program will continually be revised and changed as you advance.

    Benefits of Clinical Exercise include:
    • More efficient functional and sport-specific biomechanics (body movements)
    • Improved posture and balance
    • Advanced rehabilitation from injury
    • Activation and improved function of pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles
    • Increased mind-body connection
    • Increased flexibility and muscular strength
    • Enhanced muscular control and co-ordination
    • A safe form of exercise pre and post natal

    Clinical Exercise sessions are a great adjunct to the other service offerings at Kinematics. Our team of clinicians work together with you to improve your health and how your body moves from a well-rounded perspective. Not sure which of our services is right for you? Give us a call on 03 9421 3661.

  • Clinical Exercise Pricing
    • Initial Assessment (45 minutes) – $115
    • Clinical Exercise 1:1 session (30 minutes) – $95
    • Clinical Exercise 1:1 session (45 minutes) – $115
    • Clinical Exercise 1:4 class (60 minutes) – $55
    • 10 Pack Clinical Exercise 1:4 – $500 ($50/class)

    All clinical exercise sessions are rebateable with Private Health Physiotherapy extras cover.

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