Why clinical rehabilitation is crucial for your recovery.

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Strength + Conditioning

Improve results with gym based exercise rehabilitation.

Tailored 1:1 and 1:4 Group Exercise

Tailored 1:1 and 1:4 Group Exercise

Kinematics state of the art Strength + Conditioning  facility was born out of a need to bridge the gap between injury rehabilitation and the return to optimal performance.

Our unique services facilitate elite rehabilitation, strength and conditioning training in combination with the latest in sports medicine.

We believe in providing progressive and personalised programs, tailored to each individuals needs.

Whether you are recovering from injury, strength training for a specific event or simply wanting to improve your posture, our team of experienced clinicians will work with you to achieve your desired health and performance goals.

Key Benefits:

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced rehabilitation from injury
  • Improved sporting performance
  • Reduction in injury risk
  • More efficient functional and sport-specific biomechanics
  • Improved posture and balance


  • Initial Consultation (Physio) 60 mins $185
  • Follow Up (Physio) 45 mins $115
  • Follow Up (Physio) 60 mins $135
  • Initial Consultation (Coach) 60 mins $125
  • Follow Up (Coach) 45 mins $95
  • Follow Up (Coach) 60 mins $125

Please check FAQ's below for information on private health and other rebates

At Kinematics Strength + Recovery, we offer both 1:1 and 1:4 Strength + Conditioning services. These sessions are lead by our dynamic team of clinicians (physiotherapists and osteopaths) and our strength and conditioning coaches. All our practitioners have completed further professional development in the area of strength and conditioning.

Your initial consultation will involve a comprehensive history, detailed assessment of your movement and loading patterns, as well as discussion of your desired rehabilitation and performance goals. This enables our clinicians to establish a safe and specific exercise program that is tailored to your individual needs.

If you are rehabilitating from pain or injury, we recommend booking in with an allied health professional (osteo or physio). If you are free from pain and injury and have a good understanding of the fundamentals of strength + conditioning training then you are welcome to book in with either an allied health professional or an S+C coach.

1:1 Strength + Conditioning sessions conducted by our allied health clinicians are claimable (physiotherapists and osteopaths) if you have the appropriate 'extras' cover. Our 1:4 group Strength + Conditioning sessions are only claimable when conducted by our physiotherapists. Please note that 1:4 group classes are not claimable when conducted by our osteopaths or S+C coaches.

If you are intending to claim your sessions, we recommend checking with your private health insurer prior to booking your initial consultation, so you can select the appropriate clinician.

We require you to book an initial consultation with one of our practitioners prior to undertaking group classes. Our 1:1 sessions are conducted in our new purpose-built facility and are designed to build the fundamental elements of strength and conditioning, by enhancing functional movement patterns and ensuring correct technique. Our practitioners will continually revise and progress your exercises as you advance, whether that is continuing 1:1 sessions, graduating into group classes or providing online programming for you to complete at home or the gym.

In our 1:4 S+C group classes, each client will be continuing a personalised program established from their 1:1 sessions. There is a maximum of 4 people in each class, to ensure optimal supervision and correct technique at all times.

Based on your rehabilitation and performance goals, your program will be continually revised and progressed. Please note this may be in the form of another 1:1 session.

At Kinematics Strength + Recovery (K2) which is located at 32 Lambert St – conveniently less than 100m from our Kinematics Health + Performance (K1) Lincoln St location.

K1 services: Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Biomechanics, Myotherapy, Clinical Exercise, Reformer Pilates.

K2 services: Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Biomechanics, 1:1 and 1:4 Strength + Conditioning, Infrared Sauna.