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Three exercises to help improve posture

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  1. Common Imbalances in Track Sprinters

    Training for hours at a time on an athletic track running in the same direction is sure to put asymmetrical forces through the left and right side of the body, right? It could be argued that this uneven load can be evened out by running the same amount in the other direction. However, this would be…

  2. How Osteopathy helps during Pregnancy

    Osteopathy recognises and facilitates the important link between the body’s structure and the way it functions. This concept is of particular importance during pregnancy. The nine transformative months highlight changes to the mother’s body, ranging from enlargement of the uterus, shifts in the centre of gravity and alterations in gait patterns. While these physical changes…

  3. The Importance of Rest for Injury Recovery

    As for any career, there is always one part of your job that you dislike. For me as a physiotherapist, that part is telling my clients they need to rest from the respective sport or training that is aggravating their injury. Not only is delivering this news hard for me because I want to be…

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