Why clinical rehabilitation is crucial for your recovery.

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Aleshia Freeman

Clinic Manager + HR Coordinator

Aleshia Freeman

After dedicating 13 years to working in admin and management roles within general medicine and pediatrics, Aleshia decided to embrace a new challenge within the field of Allied Health. Her extensive experience in a fast-paced urgent care setting has equipped her with the ability to adapt and thrive under pressure.

At Kinematics, Aleshia’s primary focus is to enhance the daily operations of the clinic, ensuring the highest level of care and service for our valued K clients and crew members.

Originally from South Australia, Aleshia also lived in Byron Bay before choosing Melbourne as her home. When she’s not in the clinic, especially during warmer weather, you’ll often find Aleshia at the beach, camping, or embarking on bush walks. Inspired by her Italian heritage, Aleshia’s passion for cooking and baking shines through, and she seizes any opportunity to share her culinary creations with those around her.

Aleshia Freeman