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Janet (Jay) Main

Physiotherapist + Strength

Janet (Jay) Main

After graduating from the University of Otago, Jay spent her first 5 years as a physio travelling nationally and internationally with elite athletes in rugby union and basketball. Her role with the athletes involved movement screening, injury prevention, rehabilitation and improving performance. During this time Jay also went on to complete postgraduate study in strength and conditioning in order to facilitate her athletes to reach optimum performance.

After many years of working with athletes, Jay’s caseload transitioned to include treating more of the general population with chronic pain and other complex injuries. It was apparent to Jay that her skills and functional approach to treatment she used working with athletes could be directly transferred to get better results for the general public.

Jay moved to Melbourne in 2018 to join the Kinematics crew. She adopts a holistic, biomechanical approach with her clients in order to identify all underlying issues and contributing factors. If you’re wanting to be pain-free, move better, or enhance sporting performance – Jay would love to help you.

Based at both our Kinematics Strength + Recovery location, Jay offers Physiotherapy as well as 1:1 and 1:4 Strength + Conditioning services.

Jay is excited by the opportunity to bring her passion and experience to Kinematics. Her knowledge, energy and taste in music make her the perfect fit for our K crew!

Jay is at K2 Monday to Friday.

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Janet (Jay) Main