Why clinical rehabilitation is crucial for your recovery.

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Our Services

At Kinematics, we provide a collaborative and progressive approach to optimising your health and performance by combining tailor-made treatment, movement and wellness services.


We provide holistic hands-on services with the aim to optimise your alignment and how your body functions. These include physiotherapy, osteopathy, myotherapy, biomechanical analysis and sports medicine services.

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To maximise your health and rehabilitation outcomes, we provide individualised 1:1 and small group Pilates, clinical exercise and strength + rehab services.

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To compliment our treatment and movement services and to enhance your restoration and recovery, we have an infrared sauna at our K2 location.

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Kinematics Health + Performance 32 Lambert Street, Richmond, VIC 3121

Richmond's Favourite Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy at Kinematics combines hands-on treatment with tailored exercise prescription to help improve your quality of life, regardless of age and/or ability.

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in assessing beyond your symptoms to analyse full-body biomechanics, in order to identify underlying causes and contributing factors.