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Running Assessment

Improve your running efficiency, performance + prevent injury.

Our practitioners aim to help you by:

Our practitioners aim to help you by:

  • Enhancing movement efficiency
  • Improving running performance
  • Finding the root cause of your pain, injury or biomechanical issues
  • Creating an individualised management plan
What is involved in a Running Assessment:

What is involved in a Running Assessment:

A running assessment will begin by gathering your injury and running history followed by a movement assessment and video analysis of your running technique.

Video analysis gives us a clear insight into how you run and therefore allows us to get to the root cause of your injury and/or biomechanical issues.

Once your comprehensive assessment is completed, you will be provided with an individualised management plan to help you optimise your biomechanics and reach your running goals.



  • Initial consultation (Physio at K1) 45 mins $115
  • Initial consultation (S+C Coach at K2) 45 mins $95

Please check FAQ's below for information on private health and other rebates

If you currently have an injury, we recommend booking in with physiotherapist Jonathan so that you can have your injury assessed as part of your running session.
If you have been cleared to run post-injury or are currently running injury free, then you're welcome to book in with either Jonathan (physio) or Sam (S+C coach).

If you are looking to improve your running efficiency, performance and prevent injury then absolutely yes!

A video assessment allows us to analyse your technique in slow motion to examine your posture, foot strike, cadence and overall running biomechanics.

If you have Physio 'extras' as part of your private health cover, you can claim this session if you book in with our physiotherapist Jonathan. Please note that sessions with Sam (S+C coach) are not claimable with private health funds.