Posture Correction

  • Sit Taller. Stand Stronger. Move Better.

    Good posture involves training the body to align to positions where the least strain is applied to muscles, joints and ligaments. Our musculoskeletal clinicians will always analyse your posture as part of a biomechanical assessment to help identify and reduce any associated pain and injury.

  • To correct posture, our clinicians may:

    • Carry out manual therapy to help normalise joint and muscle range of motion.
    • Administer an exercise rehabilitation programme to build required muscle strength and endurance.
    • Use kinesiology tape or a postural brace to ensure adequate nerve extensibility and spacial awareness.
  • We also carry out ergonomic assessments to analyse posture in the workplace, providing feedback on body positioning to help you create a workstation that promotes good postural alignment.

Posture assessments are incorporated into every musculoskeletal consultation.