Why clinical rehabilitation is crucial for your recovery.

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Peter Crampton


Peter Crampton

Pete has “tackled” multiple concussions over the last 5 years but is now making great progress since his most recent. After getting to know the team through receiving so much treatment at Kinematics for his injuries – he knew there was no where else he would rather work.

With a background in Civil Engineering and Pete all about the numbers, he has quickly become known as our excel spreadsheet king!

Pete’s passion for health and fitness began at a very young age. Growing up he dabbled with every sport under the sun and his unfortunate parents had to take him to 10+ practices/games per week. He has currently landed on cycling, weights in the gym and a dodgy golf swing. Make sure he is scolded if you catch him sneaking in some squats when he should be answering phones on the desk!

In his spare time, you will find Pete in the gym, cycling with his young pup Maisie on his back or ticking off his extensive Melbourne food list.

Peter Crampton