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3 exercises to improve your WFH posture

3 exercises to improve your WFH posture

When spending long hours at a computer we tend to adopt a slouched position whereby our shoulders rotate inwards. This can cause unwanted discomfort in your upper and lower back, neck, chest and shoulders.

The aim of these 3 exercises is to counteract these postural adaptations to ensure you maintain an upright posture and efficient movement of your body. 

  1. Thoracic extension with K. peanut

– Place the peanut in the middle of your back. Bend your knees and place your hands around your head and neck for support.

– Gently extend over the peanut.

– Shuffle down so the peanut works up towards your neck.

2. Lat release with K. peanut

– Lying on your side with the peanut placed into your armpit.

– Place your hands around your head and open the top elbow to the roof and open up your chest.

– You can also place your top hand on the floor and rotate your arm closest to the floor up and down.

3. Pec release with the peanut

– Stand facing a wall with the peanut long ways on the wall.

– push the peanut away from your body as you rotate your chest away from the wall.

– Push the peanut in different directions away from your body to target different fibres of your pec.


By Sophie Barker

Physiotherapist + Clinical Pilates Instructor | Kinematics Health + Performance

Sophie is at our K1 location Tuesday through to Saturday. Book online here.