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Marla Laverie

Remedial Massage Therapist

Marla Laverie

Marla is our friendly remedial massage therapist who values educating and assisting clients to perform at their best, both in their active and everyday life. An advocator for mindful movement, she is also a qualified yoga and Pilates instructor and has also completed additional studies in Strength and Conditioning and a Bachelor Degree in Biomedicine. Using her knowledge in the field of exercise as medicine, as well as her passion for helping others to live pain free, she works collaboratively with other Kinematics practitioners to help get her clients back on track and achieve their goals.

After training in ballet and various dance styles since the age of 5 as well as her own health journey with chronic pain, she understands the importance of using various techniques and modalities to help your body to feel at its best. In an appointment with Marla, she is likely to chat to you about your health goals and exercise history, conduct an assessment and use a variety of manual therapy techniques such as as dry needling, deep tissue massage and cupping.

Marla loves to encourage strength training and Pilates with her clients and also loves talking sport. Having worked with AFL clubs, women’s soccer clubs as well as upcoming Olympic level athletes, she has a special interest in high performance and recovery strategies from athletes to the weekend warrior and how they also apply to managing the demands of every day life.

In her spare time, you can find her learning about women’s health, having a boogie, practicing yoga or reading a book (preferably in the sunshine).

Marla is at K1 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays + Saturdays. 

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Marla Laverie