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John Ibrahim

Physiotherapist + Pilates

John Ibrahim

John completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Newcastle. After living interstate for the past decade, John recently relocated to his hometown of Melbourne to join forces with Kinematics. He believes in working within a cohesive multi-disciplinary team that strive to deliver exceptional results to both the local and global community.

John’s passion for Physiotherapy and movement sparked from his early inclinations toward the sciences and physical education. He has an intuitive sense of the human body and can relate to others in a way that is fun, engaging and promotes learning.

John understands health from a holistic perspective and gears his practice towards movement pattern optimisation and performance rehabilitation to help you become ‘anti-fragile’ – a concept developed by Nicholas Nassim Taleb which purports going a step beyond resilience to where a system actually becomes stronger when exposed to stress.

Since his early teens, John participated in soccer, tennis and trained regularly in the gym. He also developed a diehard passion for all things self-improvement related. He recognises the importance of self-efficacy and understands that confidence is the cornerstone to performance. John’s involvement in Physiotherapy is largely driven by his genuine burning desire to help others develop their physical health and mindset so that they can thrive and live their best life.

At Kinematics, John seamlessly blends both manual therapy and active-based care to help empower members of the community with an achievable plan towards improved function, fitness and sustainable athleticism. Moreover, he understands the importance of behaviour change in facilitating better outcomes for clients and will help you optimise your habits so that you get the most from your sessions.

John’s hands-on skills include massage, joint mobilisations, manipulation and dry needling. Additionally, his active-based skillset incorporates pilates, kettlebell training as well as strength and conditioning.

Outside of Kinematics, you can find John pursuing a range of his interests including Brazilian jiujitsu (BJJ), functional fitness, reading, writing and music production. He also spends time with his cat Aina who he rescued 4 years ago.

John is at our K1 location on Tuesdays through to Saturdays.

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John Ibrahim