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Jian Indomenico


Jian Indomenico

Jian is our friendly Myotherapist. He is an avid believer that pain and injury can be prevented through maintaining an optimal functioning musculoskeletal system, and this is the foundation of his passionate approach to supporting his clients. Jian’s goal is to educate and develop his client’s understanding of movement patterns to manage pain effectively, prevent the reoccurrence of injury and attain long-term health and wellbeing!

After experiencing the despair and frustration of injury himself, it was not until he was recommended to a Myotherapist that Jian began to see results that allowed him to continue with his interests in weight training and swimming. Inspired by the remarkable improvement he experienced with his own body, Jian decided to pursue a career in health care.

Jian has been exposed to a wide array of clientele over the years which has allowed him to develop his knowledge in constructing treatment plans for a broad range of clients – From performance and recovery for professional athletes at the Australian college of basketball, and NICA (National Institute of Circus Arts), to providing healthcare at the Wellington community centre for clients suffering from chronic conditions due to accident or disability.

Jian is excited by the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse team of health practitioners at Kinematics to deliver the best possible patient outcomes. Depending on your presentation, Jian utilises a variety of techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, scraping, dry needling, myofascial cupping therapy, joint mobilisation and muscle energy techniques to release tension and end the cycle of pain. Additionally, Jian focuses on extending a client’s journey beyond hands-on treatment, by providing guided progression of stretching and strengthening exercises. This approach ensures clients are activating the correct structures in order to reach their goals toward recovery, as well as prevents the likelihood of reoccurrence of injury.

Jian is currently completing his certification in clinical Pilates, as well as a Bachelor + Masters of Osteopathy at Victoria University. He’s a firm believer in being a lifelong student, and is excited to share the journey and knowledge gained with the K community.

Outside of work, Jian enjoys the company of his French bulldog, movies, weight training, and continues to be hands-on, enjoying both cooking and painting!

Jian’s hours frequently change due to his uni schedule, however Jian is usually at K1 on Thursday + Saturday.

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Jian Indomenico