Three exercises to help improve posture

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  1. Addressing Plantar Fasciitis by Correcting Pelvic Alignment

    I’ve spent the last 10 years working in various sporting and private practice clinics, and “plantar fasciitis” is one of the most common complaints. At Kinematics we treat this condition (along with many other causes of heel pain) by looking well beyond the foot and applying the principles of biomechanics. The plantar fascia is a…

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  2. The Importance of Mobility in Boxing

    Last year I took on the challenge to fight in an exhibition boxing match at a local boxing gym. I wanted to experience what it was like to prepare for such a physical event and to test what I was made of. Being a contact sport that involves vigorous training regimes, boxing has a high…

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  3. Discus – the Importance of Mobility and Force Transfer

    Throwing a discus involves an incredibly complex sequence of movements. The throw consists of turning the body through one and a half circles and requires a high level of technical skill. The aim is to generate the highest possible force and transfer this force optimally through each phase to the final discus release. Due to…

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