Three exercises to help improve posture

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  1. Joint ‘Cracking’ – What is it? Why is it done? Do you have a choice?

    Firstly, to clear up two of the biggest myths about joint cracking: No – it does NOT give you arthritis! No – it is NOT bone colliding with bone! So, what is it? Osteopaths have a wide variety of techniques they use to optimise the overall structure and function of the human body. Osteopaths may…

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  2. What is Cupping Therapy?

    Cupping is a treatment technique used by manual therapists including myotherapists and complementary health practitioners to relieve musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. How does cupping work? Traditionally a flammable substance is placed in a cup and set on fire. As the fire goes out, the air inside the cup cools creating a vacuum and the cup…

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  3. The Importance of Rest for Injury Recovery

    As for any career, there is always one part of your job that you dislike. For me as a physiotherapist, that part is telling my clients they need to rest from the respective sport or training that is aggravating their injury. Not only is delivering this news hard for me because I want to be…

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