At Kinematics, we provide a complete and progressive approach to optimising your health and performance by combining sports physiotherapy, biomechanical assessment and exercise rehabilitation.

Biomechanical Assessment
Exercise Rehabilitation
Postural Correction
Remedial Massage

Conveniently located in the Melbourne suburbs of Richmond and Kew, Kinematics offers the highest quality of physiotherapy and sports medicine services. Our clinicians specialise in the assessment of functional and sport specific biomechanics (movement patterns) of the whole body in order to identify areas of imbalance. If not addressed, these imbalances and poor mechanics can often lead to secondary compensations in the body and cascade on to cause other injuries. This holistic, full-body approach provides an effective treatment plan for not only the presenting issue but also the underlying primary cause. Therefore reducing the risk of persistence and re-occurrence of the injury.

Whether your goal is to become pain free, increase sporting fitness and performance, improve general mobility, or prevent injury, the team at Kinematics can help.

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