Online Physiotherapy

  • NEW – Virtual Services at Kinematics

    Our dynamic online platform provides clients with access to our Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Pilates and Strength and Conditioning programming services from the comfort of their own home.

    Physiotherapy | Osteopathy | Myotherapy | Biomechanics

    Our online Telehealth sessions are for new and existing clients and involve a live video call with your preferred practitioner. The consultation will provide comprehensive questioning, followed by an assessment and diagnosis. Even though treatment won’t be directly with our hands, we can still guide you through specific self-release exercises. We will also answer any questions you may have and prescribe a tailored home exercise program to address your pain and movement deficiencies.

    Clinical Exercise + Pilates

    Our online clinical exercise and Pilates Telehealth sessions are for new and existing clients and involve a live video call with your preferred practitioner. For new clients wewill provide comprehensive questioning and an assessment, followed by a series of individually tailored exercises to address your goals. For existing clients, these sessions aim to progress your exercises and ensure that your rehabilitation plan is on track.

    Strength + Conditioning Programming

    Due to the current circumstances, we understand that access to gyms and normal training programs have had to be altered drastically.

    We are therefore providing an online Strength + Conditioning programming service with our Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning coach Janet (Jay).

    This session will involve a live video with Jay and include comprehensive questioning to gain an understanding of any injuries. Together you will establish your health and performance goals. Following this, an individualised strength and conditioning program will be prescribed taking into consideration your available equipment, even within the current restrictions.

    What you’ll need for a Telehealth appointment..

    You will need access to a computer, iPad or mobile phone that has a working microphone and camera.

    If possible, create a quiet space so you and your practitioner can chat uninterrupted. Ensure there is ample room to perform your exercises and that you have access to any equipment you know you will be using.

    Given the current circumstances we understand that you may have children and partners at home. Try to be mindful of the timing of your booking (around your baby’s usual nap time or your partners conference call). Of course we will work with you, should this not be possible. Don’t forget, we are adapting to all these new ways of life too!

    Once you’ve booked your online appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to join your video call with your practitioner when the time comes.

    If you have any questions regarding our online consultations, please don’t hesitate to call reception 9421 3661 or email info@kinematics.com.au.

  • Telehealth Physio, Osteo, Myo, Clinical Exercise + Pilates:

    • Initial appointment (60 minutes) – $100
    • Follow up appointment (30 minutes) – $70
    • Follow up appointment (45 minutes) – $86

    Telehealth with Pep:

    • Initial appointment (60 minutes) – $120
    • Follow up appointment (30 minutes) – $86
    • Follow up appointment (45 minutes) – $100

    Telehealth Strength + Conditioning programming:

    • Existing clients – $86
    • New clients – $99

    To ensure that the financial burden of the COVID-19 crisis does not come at the expense of our clients accessing the highest level of healthcare, we have significantly reduced our online telehealth fees.

Improve your physical health without leaving your home!