Strength, Recovery + Performance

  • Our strength, recovery and performance services have launched at our new, purpose built second location – Kinematics Strength + Recovery!

    Kinematics Strength + Recovery is a state of the art facility born out of a need to bridge the gap between injury rehabilitation and the return to optimal performance. Our unique services facilitate elite strength and conditioning training in combination with the latest in sports medicine.

    We believe in providing progressive and personalised programs, tailored to each individuals needs. Whether you are recovering from injury, training for a specific event or simply wanting to improve your posture, our team of experienced clinicians will work with you to achieve your desired health and performance goals.

    Our clinicians implement a holistic and sport-specific approach to improve strength, movement and performance. Our methods reflect sound evidence-based research on human movement and anatomy. After identifying any biomechanical imbalances, our clinicians will prescribe a specific exercise program to improve loading symmetry and movement efficiency.

    Once efficiency of movement has been established, other sports-specific components such as speed, agility and power will be addressed in order to further enhance overall performance.

    It is the combination of the above training principles that allows our clinicians to give every client the ‘elite experience’ we believe they deserve. Strength and conditioning is not just for athletes, but rather for anyone who wishes to improve their performance in all aspects of daily life.

    1:1 Personalised Strength, Recovery and Performance Programming

    After careful consideration of your history, assessment and movement inefficiencies our clinicians will create a personalised exercise program to help you achieve yourdesired rehabilitation and performance goals.

    These 1:1 sessions are designed to build the fundamental elements of strength and conditioning, by enhancing functional movement patterns and ensuring correct technique.

    Your clinician will continually revise and progress your exercises as you advance, whether that is continuing 1:1 sessions or graduating into group classes.

    1:4 Small Group Strength + Recovery Classes

    Our group classes have a maximum of 4 people to ensure optimal supervision and correct technique at all times. Each client will be continuing their personalised program established during their 1:1 sessions.

    Once again, your clinician will continually revise and progress your exercises as you advance.

    Our services provided at Kinematics Strength + Recovery are a great adjunct to our other offerings at Kinematics. Our team of clinicians work together with you to improve your health and how your body moves from a well-rounded perspective. Not sure which of our services is right for you? Give us a call on 03 9421 3661.

    NB: Our new site is conveniently located at 32 Lambert St, less than 100m around the corner from our existing Richmond location.

  • 1:1 Strength, Recovery + Performance Programming

    Initial Consultation (60 min)


    Follow Up Consultation (45 min)


    5 Pack 45 mins (Opening special)


    Follow Up Consultation (60 min)




    1:4 Strength + Recovery Classes (60 min)

    Casual Group Class


    10 Pack Group Class


    If you have physiotherapy and/or osteopathy private health cover, our 1:1 Strength + Recovery services are rebatable with these clinicians. 1:4 Strength + Recovery classes are rebatable with out Physiotherapists.

Kinematics Strength + Recovery