Why clinical rehabilitation is crucial for your recovery.

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Sports Medicine

Progressive health care for elite and amateur athletes.

Collaborative Sport + Exercise Medicine

Collaborative Sport + Exercise Medicine

Sports medicine is a diverse medical speciality focusing on those people that have suffered and injury during sport, exercise, work or as a part of every day life.

Our Sports Physician, Michael Ryan, is currently the doctor for Melbourne AFLW and the game day concussion analyst with the Melbourne Rebels and specialises in concussion management, acute and overuse injuries, nutrition as well as optimising health outcomes.

Michael is dedicated to working alongside our allied health practitioners to provide exemplary patient-centred care and to optimise musculoskeletal and exercise health.

Key Treatments:

Key Treatments:

  • Medication management review
  • Assess the need for diagnostic imaging or blood work
  • Assess the need for orthopaedic referral
  • Review complex cases that aren’t responding to typical treatment
  • Review for opinion regarding injections (e.g Cortisone)


  • Initial Consultation 60 mins $210
  • Follow Up 15 mins $95
  • Follow Up 30 mins $150

Please check FAQ's below for information on medicare rebates

Yes, you can claim your medicare rebate on the spot at the time of your appointment.

Initial Consultation 60 mins $210 (out of pocket $99.50 after medicare rebate)
Follow Up 15 mins $95 (out of pocket $56.25 after medicare rebate)
Follow Up 30 mins $150 (out of pocket $74.95 after medicare rebate)

No, you don't need a referral to see Dr. Ryan, nor do you need to be an existing Kinematics client.