• Nourish your body and get results

    Nutrition is a vital piece of the health and well-being puzzle that can make or break your success. At Kinematics, our nutritionist takes the time to figure out a diet and nutrition plan that fits your food values and complements your health and fitness goals. A full hour of quality time will be spent together during your initial consultation, where you will learn why and how your current foods, food habits and lifestyle factors are helping or harming your progress. Our nutritionist will then spend several more hours crafting your very own exemplar meal plan.

    The 3-day meal plans outline several days in your life where diet and nutrition needs may differ, so you can see how the meals and snacks fit together regardless of your daily schedule. No two meal plans are ever the same, which is evident in your favourite healthy foods being incorporated into the plan as much as possible.

    Embracing technology to increase access to nutrition advice and education, our nutrition services now extend online, with initial consultations, group presentations and follow-ups available through Skype and Zoom. With distance no longer a barrier, there has never been a better time to take ownership your diet and start to make educated, empowered food choices that compliment your health and performance goals.

  • Nutrition services provided

    • Initial consultation (60 minutes)
    • Follow-up consultations
    • 3-day tailored meal plans
    • Group seminars
    • Sweat rate assessments
    • Nutrition education resources (e.g. videos, posters, brochures, blogs, recipes)

You Can Book A Nutrition Consultation