• What is a dietitian?

    Dietitians are accredited healthcare professionals who are licensed to assess, diagnose, and treat nutrition-related problems. Dietitians have qualifications in nutrition and dietetics. They provide dietary counselling, evidence-based nutrition therapies, and are able to translate scientific information into practical advice.

     Our Dietitian Lauren, will support you to build and maintain a healthy relationship with food and with your body. Lauren facilitates this by providing education on nutrition and sustainable lifestyle changes to ultimately establish eating patterns which nourish your body and mind.

    Dietetic therapy not only focuses on food and eating but can also address concerns about body image, weight, physical activity and behavioural and thought patterns that may be preventing people from living a balanced life.

    What can you expect during the consultation?

    At your initial appointment, Lauren will consider your nutrition patterns, activity levels, medical test results, medications and clinical symptoms before making an overall assessment of your nutritional needs. To gain an understanding of your current relationship with food, Lauren will delve into a holistic health discussion with you. Establishing this will help Lauren be able to create a specifically tailored approach to your health.

    Prior to your consultation, you may be asked to complete specific forms such as a diet history or a symptom assessment questionnaire. This will offer insight into what you are experiencing, and make the consultation more time-efficient. If you have any relevant test results or referral from your GP, please bring this with you.

    Lauren is able to provide assistance and interventions for a range of medical conditions, with particular interest in the following areas:

    • Eating for sports performance

    • Gastrointestinal and digestive issues such as IBS

    • Chronic disease management

    Please note, all Nutrition appointments are currently being held via Telehealth.

    Our online Telehealth sessions are for new and existing clients and involve a live video call with Lauren. The initial consultation will involve a full dietetic assessment, including goal-setting and a nutrition intervention plan. The subsequent consultation will involve monitoring and assessing your progress to reach short-term nutrition goals, whilst working towards reaching your longer-term goals.

  • What you’ll need for a Telehealth appointment..  

    You will need access to a computer, iPad or mobile phone that has a working microphone and camera.

    If possible, create a quiet space so you and your practitioner can chat uninterrupted.

    Once you have booked your online appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to join your video call with your practitioner when the time comes.

  • Nutrition Pricing

    Telehealth Initial Consultation (60 mins)


    Telehealth Follow-Up Consultation (45 mins)


    Telehealth Follow-Up Consultation (30 mins)