Three exercises to help improve posture

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K. Posture Pack


The Posture Enhancement Pack (PEP) includes our 3 signature self-releasing products, resistance band and Kinematics bag. The PEP also comes with access to online exercise tutorial videos for guidance on how to use these tools to enhance your posture and overall performance.

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  • K. Foam Roller
  • K. Massage Ball
  • K. Massage Peanut
  • K. Firm Resistance Theraband
  • 15 exercise videos demonstrating effective use of the PEP products
  • Dimensions: 450mm W x 600mm H x 150mm L
  • Weight: 620g
  • FREE shipping within Australia

IMF Partnership

We are proudly donating 10% from every pack to the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF). IMF is a health promotion charity that uses running to celebrate Indigenous resilience and achievement and create inspirational Indigenous leaders. Additional to the contributions from our packs, we are also sponsoring the individual IMF runners by providing them with any required treatment.


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