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Rachel Natoli

Osteopath + Pilates + Womens Health

Rachel Natoli

Rachel is a progressive and passionate Osteopath + Clinical Pilates Instructor, dedicated to working with you throughout all stages of your health journey. She aims to inform, inspire and empower you to take action when it comes to your health.

Rachel has embraced numerous opportunities to advance her knowledge and skills in the area of Women’s Health, in particular pregnancy and postnatal health management. As such, Rachel is currently undertaking her Master’s of Women’s Health at the University of New South Wales.

During your Osteopathic consultation with Rachel, she will take a thorough medical history and physical examination in order to identify and focus on your individual musculoskeletal needs. Utilising a range of hands on treatments such as mobilisation, stretching and manipulation of the joints and muscles, Rachel aims to enhance your body’s function to help you achieve your optimal state of health and wellbeing.

Whether your goal is pain-free movement, pregnancy care, postnatal recovery, postural correction or improving your endurance to excel on the sporting field, Rachel will guide you through a personalised pilates program. Rachel enjoys teaching 1:1 Pilates sessions and 1:4 small group clinical classes at Kinematics.

In her spare time you can find Rachel practicing her samba and bellydancing skills, attempting a yoga inspired headstand or chilling out at the beach.

Rachel is at K1 Monday to Thursday.

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Rachel Natoli