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Josh Gordon

Remedial Massage Therapist

Josh Gordon

Josh completed an advanced diploma of sports therapy and has over 5 years clinical experience, including work with Melbourne Rebels rugby union and more recently the Sydney Swans football club.

Josh considers himself a very active therapist, enjoying using and combining a variety of different treatment techniques to achieve the best results, as well as prescribing complementary movement and exercise ideas. Josh is a firm believer in movement is medicine and motion is lotion, something we have well within our control. Josh’s treatment techniques include dry needling, cupping, muscle energy techniques/PNF and joint mobilisation.

Working in a multi-disciplinary environment and being surrounded by the skilled and knowledgeable practitioners at Kinematics is where Josh thrives.

Josh plays competitive soccer and tennis and also loves playing golf. He is a die-hard Hawthorn fan and will always endeavour to be there supporting them. Outside of this, Josh is a full-time Star Wars and Lord of the Rings tragic and enjoys spending time with all those close to him, especially over some good coffee and good food!

Josh is at K1 Mondays to Thursdays.

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Josh Gordon